Jun 202014

Exceptional Kids Classes Now Offered in Morris County

PURE Denville Mixed Martial Arts now offers two youth programs geared toward children of different age groups. Both programs strike a balance between fun and learning. Students spend 45 minutes per class guided by knowledgeable professionals, immersed in a positive atmosphere, and engaged in healthy, active activities.

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Boys and girls ages 4-7 can enroll in the Little Ninjas program. The Little Ninjas begin each class with a warm-up before moving on to martial arts drills such as shrimping. Easy-to-learn games introduce foundational skills as well teach students the importance of respect, discipline, patience, and other martial arts values. For young children, participating in active group sports such as Little Ninjas has been shown to improve cardiovascular health, balance, and mental concentration; help them become more courteous and respectful to adults; and encourage them to socialize in a fun and easy-going way with other children.

PURE’s Kids Jiu Jitsu is open to children ages 7-13 and, though it builds on Little Ninjas lessons, easily accommodates beginners anywhere in that age range. Students warm up before doing more complicated drills and playing more complex skill-building games. In addition, girls and boys with proficient skill participate in “live” rounds at the end of classes to test their newly-acquired knowledge against opponents their own age. Safety is always a priority; not only is the gym equipped with state-of-the-art equipment but students are taught when to tap out (and to stop immediately if their opponent taps). Some of the possible benefits of joining the Kids Jiu Jitsu class include raised self-esteem, better behavior, practical self-defense, and lowered risk of inactivity- and obesity-related diseases such as diabetes.

Most of all, a kids class at PURE is just a plain old enjoyable place to hang out. Children get to have fun while learning something new and being surrounded by instructors and fellow students who support and encourage them 100% – many of them say they feel right at home as soon as they walk through the door.

If you live in Morris County and are interested in enrolling your child please visit http://www.denvillemartialarts for information.

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