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Kids grow up in challenging times.  The growth of technology and the internet has changed their lifestyle and social interactions. Going outside to play and exercise has been replaced by sedentary habits such as video games and web surfing.  Obesity and diabetes were once unheard of in children, sadly they have in many cases become the norm.  The innocence of childhood is being replaced with cyber bullying, sexting, adult websites and other negative influences on a daily basis. Positive role models and healthy habits are important now more than ever.

Often times parents turn to team sports to help their children develop character and build physical attributes. However, more and more often they are left disappointed. Rather than focusing on building confidence and self esteem in their athletes coaches are only concerned about winning games. Kids in Poughkeepsie who are not naturally gifted are singled out and made to sit the bench if not cut from the team entirely. Rather than developing character traits of integrity, cooperation, creativity and honesty they are taught only to value victory.  Coaches feel their jobs end once players walk off the field and they do little to ensure their kids are succeeding elsewhere in life.

How about Martial Arts, like those at Precision MMA in Lagrangeville, NY?

Our kid’s martial arts programs in Poughkeepsie offer a strong alternative to the shortcomings of team sports. The clearest difference is with regards to involvement.  Every class each child participates through the duration of the class. Superstars do not receive preferential treatment and even students who are not naturally athletic participate fully and receive individual attention.

Self esteem and confidence are also cornerstones of our kid’s martial arts program in Poughkeepsie. Team sports often times do not develop confidence; they simply eliminate those that lack confidence through “cuts”.  Martial arts encourages the student each step of the way and has them confront real challenges such as standing up to bullies and peer pressure.  These experiences help the student grow as a person.  No one is “cut” simply because they aren’t naturals.

Life skills are another way martial arts training stands head and shoulders above team sports. Martial arts students are taught how to look someone in the eye and shake their hand, how to set goals and work towards achieving them.  It’s very rare that a baseball coach will ask to see his player’s report cards, but for martial arts that is the norm.  Martial arts training extends to every area of a child’s life and does not end once the student walks off the mat.

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To get your child started with a kids martial arts program in the Hudson Valley contact Precision MMA in LaGrange, NY at 845-392-8495 or visit  Make sure to ask about our kid’s martial arts program to find out what we offer.  For a limited time only, you can get a FREE thirty days of training and a FREE private lesson from one of our esteemed instructors.